Terms and conditions & rates

So that you know and understand everything, we have brought together in one place the terms and conditions of our products and services. All the required and important information about the products is there. It may seem long, but it’s important to explore. Because that's what everyone should demand: full transparency and clarity.


Standard terms and conditions

Privacy Notice

General banking information

Hello Pack

Debit card services and the App Hello bank!

Hello credit card

Traditional savings account


Digital protect

Hello mortgage

  • Information brochure FR - NL
  • List of fees FR - NL
  • Standard document with the general terms and conditions of the mortgage credit facility granted by BNP Paribas Fortis NV FR - NL

Top Home Fire Insurance

  • Pre-contractual information FR - NL
  • General terms and conditions FR - NL
  • Insurance product information document on Top Habitation fire insurance FR - NL

Outstanding balance insurance

  • General terms and conditions FR - NL
  • Pre-contractual information FR - NL
  • Information sheet about life insurance FR - NL

TOP 5 execution venues/financial intermediaries and quality of execution

Information on the identity of the TOP5 execution venues/financial intermediaries and on the quality of execution in 2019 and 2020:

The following reports contain data at the level of the Bank, which includes the data for Hello Bank!.

Year 2021 / Activity 2020

Year 2020 / Activity 2019