The Hello current account
and its Hello bank card

In brief, what is it?

A current account that you check and use online, whether you’re in your bath, at the restaurant, at work, or waiting for the little one to finish her dance class. With Hello bank! when you’ve got something to do, you do it, and it’s just a couple of clicks.

  • A free Hello current account.
  • A free Hello bank card for each cardholder and for every account (max 2).
  • Everything is taken care of via your smartphone or tablet.
  • Free access to online services and to the Hello team.



Understand it all at a glance

Hello bank card Hello credit card Physical Hello prepaid card Virtual Hello prepaid card
Pay online * *
Pay abroad *
Withdrawals in Belgium
Withdrawals abroad *
Deferred repayments
Amount available defined in advance by you
Link with the Google Pay app to pay without card or cash
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Warning: certain transaction costs may apply. For more information, consult our list of fees.

* You can disable this option via the Hello bank! app or by asking the Hello team.

A mobile Hello current account

It’s the core of our mobile banking life. Check and use it online, for all your daily transactions (deposits, transfers, debits).

It’s free. No account management fees, no cost for operations in Belgium.

A bank card per cardholder and per account

To withdraw money at the ATM and to pay in shops. A €625 limit per transaction and per day at the cash dispenser (€1.250 maximum per week) and €2.500 per week in shops.

Contactless payments

You can make contactless payments in Belgium and abroad if your bankcard bears the logo-wirelesspay logo. Hold your card in front of the payment terminal, which bears the same logo, and it's done.

No need for PIN codes for payments up to €25 (above that amount your PIN is required).
Once all the payments add up to €50, you'll also need your PIN code. For security reasons, you will be asked to insert your bankcard in the terminal and to enter your PIN code. You can then use your card without entering your PIN code.

Transfers in Belgium and in Europe

With the Hello current account and the Hello bank card you can make euro payments in Belgium and in Europe in the SEPA* zone.

*SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area): all the countries in the European Union, including those not in the euro zone plus Switzerland, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland.