App Hello bank!

App Hello bank!

  • What's new in the app Hello bank!?
    The latest version of the app Hello bank! now available in the App Store and Google Play Store, includes these new features: 
    - You can now change your password from the app. 
    - You can now accept new providers for Zoomit payments in the app. 
    - You already have the ability to encode transfers with a memo date.  You can now also edit, delete, ... 
    - You can view your electronic account statements. 
    - The iOS version of the app requires iOS 6 or higher. 
    - For Android, this is a mandatory update that requires OS 2.3.3 or higher.
  • How do I activate the app Hello bank?
    After subscribing to the free offer Hello bank! During your first login, you will be asked to sign your contract with your card reader (signature M2). Once this is done, you can use the app  Hello bank! to: 
    - Check the balance of your accounts. 
    - View graphs for the evolution of your account balance, ... 
    - Perform and manage transfers. 
    - View and pay your Zoomit bills.
    - Check your account statements. 
    - Subscribe to new Hello bank! products (savings account, credit card, Digital Protect ...).
  • How do I log in to the app Hello bank! the first time?
    When you first log in to the app Hello bank!, you enter your customer number and your Hello Bank card number. You will find these numbers on your Hello Bank card.

    You then create a profile. The data of your profile (customer number and card number) is stored. You will therefore not need to reintroduce them when you next use the app Hello bank! 
    You now need to select a method of identification. There are two ways to do this :

    - Either using a card reader and your Hello Bank card.

    - By requesting a unique text code.

    Your device is saved and you can now sign in with the password that you specified in your app contract.

    Warning : You must repeat this process to register  each device with which you want to use the app Hello bank!