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Digital Protect

  • How do I subscribe to Digital Protect?
    Through the app Hello bank! In the "My Accounts" menu, click on the "Add Products" icon. 
  • What is Digital Protect?
    It is an insurance policy to protectall your mobile devises that are less than 5 years old. The Digital Protect insurance policy covers all of the mobile devices in your home, without you having to identify them in advance. Secure your mobile devices today.
  • What does Digital Protect cover? Here are a few examples...
    Digital Protect insurance provides cover in the event of aggravated theft, accidental damage or fraudulent use. Aggravated theft means a theft with assault or a burglary that takes place outside your place of residence (a main or secondary residence or a holiday let) and results in the theft of the device.
    This insurance covers all devices under 5 years old owned by the policyholder and anyone living as part of their household, with no limit on the number of devices and no requirement for prior identification of the insured devices.
    Here are a few examples:
    You fall while skiing and your telephone, which was in your pocket, is damaged. You are mugged on your way from home to the subway station. Your child trips over a stone and falls, and his or her games console is damaged. Your dog chews your mp3 player. Digital Protect covers all these unpleasant occurrences.

Direct reserve

Hello Bank card

  • I have received a text message with an activation code. How do I use it?
    As soon as you have open your account, we will send you your Hello Bank card and PIN code. To activiate your card, you will then have to make a telephone call and use the provided activation code.
  • I have lost my card / my card has been stolen. What should I do?
    Call Card Stop immediately on + 32 (0) 70 344 344, to prevent fraudulent use. Card Stop is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Card Stop blocks the card to prevent fraudulent use. You should then call the Hello Team to order a new card. You can contact the Hello Team by filling out the form in the app Hello bank! or the contact form on the Hello bank! website (contact section) or by phone on +32 (0)2 433 41 45 Monday to Friday from 7h to 22h, Saturday from 9h to 17h.
  • I would like to change my PIN code. What do I need to do?
    Just go to an ATM. 

Hello Credit card

Hello Prepaid card

  • How do I order my Hello Prepaid card?
    To apply, go to the "Add product" screen in the app Hello bank! and select the Hello Prepaid card. 
    You can also call the Hello Team at 02 433 41 45 (Monday to Friday 7h to 22h and Saturday from 9h to 17h)
    This card is only available for Hello bank! customers.
    Not a customer yet? Go to and click on "Join Hello" to register in less than 4 minutes! 
  • How to create a user account to use my Hello Prepaid card
    Once you have submitted your application the Hello Team completes your application and you can create your User Account. Click on "Create a User Account" and enter your customer number and birth date. Then choose your password and security question. 
  • What is my User Account?
    With your User Account, you can do the following: 
    Consult the available balance 
    Reload your card 
    Follow the history of your transactions, as well as the amounts available for payments not yet executed 
    Block your card and replace, for example, in case of loss, theft or damage. It is enacted, that you receive at home within 10 days a new card. Immediately 
    Resetting the PIN code if you have forgotten it. Within 5 days you will get the new PIN Delivery. 

Contactless payments

  • What does contactless mean?
    All newly issued bankcards are equipped with the NFC technology (Near Field Communication). This means that your card and the payment terminal can communicate remotely. You no longer need to insert your card into the payment terminal. You will recognise NFC cards and terminals with this logo: logo-wirelesspay
  • How can I be sure that the amount won't be deducted twice from my account?
    Once your payment is done, a sound signal and flashing light confirm that everything is OK and the payment terminal is deactivated. Even if your bankcard is near the payment terminal, the amount can no longer be debited a second time.
  • Is contactless payment really secure?
    Thanks to a secure NFC chip, contactless payments use the same secure network used by traditional bankcards. Every payment generates a unique code that cannot be reused. To make contactless payments, your bankcard must be a few centimetres away from the payment terminal.

    For more guarantees, the payment without PIN code is limited to €25. Once you have added up small purchases up to a total amount of €50, you have to insert your bank card into the payment terminal and must enter your PIN code. You can then resume your contactless purchases.
  • Is my smartphone compatible with itsme?
    No problemo using itsme as long as your phone is an Android (4.2 and up) or Apple (iOS 9.0 and up).
  • Can anyone use itsme?
    As long as you’re 18 or above, hold a valid eID (electronic ID CARD) and own a Belgium SIM card and mobile phone, you can create an itsme digital identity.
  • How do I activate itsme?
    1. Download the itsme app in the App store or Google Play
    2. Type in your mobile phone number
    3. Select Hello bank! as the bank with which you’ll share your identity data. You will be redirected to the secure environment of Hello bank!
    4. Login with your card reader (one last time!) and bank card to create your new digital identity
    5. You will receive a SMS with a verification code that you will have to introduce into the app
    6. Choose your 5-digit itsme secret code. If you want, you can also activate you fingerprint recognition or Face ID.
    7. Go to the Hello bank! website:
      1. Connect to 'My Accounts’ and select ‘Log in with itsme’
      2. From now on you can do all your transactions and add beneficiaries with itsme. There’s no need for your card reader anymore!
    8. Activate itsme in the Hello bank! app:
      1. Go to ‘More > Parameters’ in the menu of the Hello bank! app
      2. Select ‘itsme'
      3. Activate the option ‘Use itsme’

    Bye bye card reader! :-)

Google Pay

  • Why Google Pay? What happened to Android Pay?
    Android Pay had a make-over and was renamed Google Pay. There is no need to worry though: nothing changes to the way you pay with the app in a store or online. Even better, you don't even have to upgrade your Android Pay app, because it does so automatically.
  • How do I add my credit/bank card in the Google Pay app?

    Step 1: bankcard data

    To add a credit/bank card, place it in front of your phone's camera.This will allow the app to detect card number and expiry date. You can also enter the card's information manually.

    For credit cards, manually enter the 3 digits of the security code on the back of the card.

    Stage 2: authentication

    You can choose between two identification methods: via text message or by calling the following number: 02 433 43 67.

    If you choose the text message, the bank will send you a 6-digits verification code via text to ensure that you are the card's legal holder. You only need to enter the verification code in Google Pay. You card is now registered and you can start making payments using your phone immediately.

    Should you not wish to receive your verification via text message or in the event that the bank does not have your phone number, call 02 433 43 67 to activate your card in the Google Pay app. A collaborator will activate your card once your identity has been verified.

  • May I use several cards to make my payments?
    Yes, you can enter several credit/bank cards. However, you must choose a default card (which will be listed at the top of the screen) that you can change whenever you wish, very simply.