Online & Mobile banking

Hello bank! App

  • Which card should I use with the card reader?
    You need your debit card to create a new profile or to confirm transactions with a card reader. Do you have more than one debit card? You must always use the one you created your profile with when you first logged in to the Hello bank! app. Note: you cannot log in using a credit card.
  • How do I create a new profile in the Hello bank! app?
    1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
    2. Open the Hello bank! app and press "Log in".
    3. Enter your customer number and your card number.
    4. Confirm using an M1 signature with your card and a card reader.
    5. Enter your phone number and tap on "Send an SMS". You will then receive an activation code by SMS, which you will have to enter on the next screen.
    6. Next, choose your five-digit Easy Banking code and enter it a second time to confirm it.
    7. You will then be able to choose whether or not to enable fingerprint or face recognition login.
    8. Finally, confirm this choice using your five-digit Easy Banking code.
  • How do I log in to the Hello bank! app?
    There are two ways to log in:
    • either by entering your five-digit Easy Banking code;
    • or by using your fingerprint or by face recognition if you have these features on your smartphone.

Add an account from another bank

  • What does aggregating accounts mean?
    Account aggregation is the option of adding one or more other current or savings accounts held with another bank (KBC, Belfius and ING) and of which you are the sole account holder to your accounts that are visible in the Hello bank! app.

    This allows you to easily check the balance, the latest transactions and other information linked to these accounts. This gives you an overview of all the expenditure and income on all your accounts available in the Hello bank! app.

    Each time you add an account from another bank to the Hello bank! app, you will use the signature methods of the bank where the accounts are held (card reader and card of this bank and associated PIN).

    The data we collect in this way will not be used for any purpose other than these services.

    You may add or delete these accounts from your Hello bank! app at any time.
  • Can I add all my accounts to the Hello bank! app?
    Yes, you can add as many accounts as you want to the Hello bank! app, as long as they are held with the other banks referred to in the question "What is account aggregation?"

    However, this service is only available for private accounts (and therefore not for a business account) of which you are the sole account holder.
  • How do I remove one of my accounts at another bank from the Hello bank! app?
    This feature is currently no longer available, but will be available again soon. When this is the case, here are the steps to follow:
    1. Go to "More";
    2. Press "Settings";
    3. Press "Accounts in other banks";
    4. Tap the account to be deleted;
    5. Tap "Delete account";
    6. The account is removed from the Hello bank! app.

Hello bank! website

  • Can I view my bank statements on the Hello bank! website?
    Yes, you can!
    1. Click on "Statements" and then on "My statements".
    2. Then click on the menu to the right of the account number and choose "View".
    3. By default, you will see your statements from the last three months, with the option of going back over the last ten years via "Selection criteria".
  • What are the limits for my transfer amounts made on the Hello bank! website?

    By default, the amount of transfers is set at 25,000 euros per day and per (joint) holder or authorised user of the account(s), regardless of the number of accounts. This limit does not apply to transfers between your own accounts, as there is no limit on the amount for these inter-account transfers.

    You can set your temporary or permanent limits yourself between 0 euros and the maximum limit of 300,000 euros per day.

    If you decide to decrease the limit of the transfer amount, your new limit will apply immediately.

    If you decide to increase the limit of the transfer amount, you must confirm your request with itsme® or your card reader. For security reasons, the bank reserves the right to make this new limit applicable only after a certain period of time.

    Advice: a lower daily limit can also be an additional security measure in the event of phishing.

    Note: never change your limit at the request of another person. Hello bank! will never ask you to change your limit.
  • How do I cancel or reinstate a direct debit on the Hello bank! website?
    1. Log in using your card reader or the itsme app.
    2. Click on the "Payments" tab and choose "My direct debits".
    3. In the "List of my mandates", click on the menu to the right of the name of the company in question.
    4. Choose "Cancel/Reinstate" and confirm your choice by entering an M2 signature.
  • I can't use itsme. How can this restriction be lifted?
    Have you joined Hello bank! by completing your application online? For security reasons, prior in-person contact with our team is required to activate itsme. We therefore invite you to call 02 433 41 42 to make an appointment at a BNP Paribas Fortis branch.

    You can also take advantage of this visit to your branch to activate other services, such as :
    • making cash deposits into your current account via ATMs available in BNP Paribas Fortis branches or via a CASH point;
    • the option to make transfers to a bank account located outside the euro zone;
    • changing the limit of your debit or credit card.
  • Is my smartphone compatible with itsme?
    Yes, if you have an Android smartphone (6.0 or later) or Apple (iOS 11.0 or later).
  • Can everyone use itsme?
    In order to create an itsme digital identity and use its services, you must:
    • be over the age of 18;
    • have a valid Belgian eID (electronic identity card);
    • have a Belgian SIM card and a mobile phone.