What you need to know to cope with this situation more serenely

We hope that you’re well and that the confinement – beyond keeping you healthy – will enable you to study everything you need to learn via online courses or that you’ll become a pro in video calls. At Hello bank! we’re always on standby to answer whatever questions or concerns you may have regarding your financial situation and your peace of mind.


Your bank transactions: always online and contactless

With contactless payment, shopping and deliveries are completely safe, both for you and for others. For payments of up to €50, you won’t need to insert your card into the terminal or enter your PIN code on a device that’s been touched by lots of grubby fingers before you: just bring your card to the terminal, and you’re done! For added security, once you’ve made a total of €100 consecutive payments without entering your code, you’ll be asked to insert your card into the terminal and enter the PIN code. Once that’s done, you’re good to go and can once again use your card without PIN code.

You can use a wide variety of innovative payment methods such as Payconiq by Bancontact and its QR code scan or Apple Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, which replace your payment card through your smartphone or connected watch. Just register your bank card and that’s it!

And of course, all your usual mobile banking services remain accessible via the app (or site).

Are you worried about the repayment of your loans?

If you are facing financial difficulties following the coronavirus health crisis and meet certain conditions, you can qualify for the deferral of your monthly repayments. Do you have a job loss insurance? If you do, please contact your insurer and ask for compensation in the event of a loss of income.

Deferral of your mortgage loan repayments

Until 21 March 2021 inclusive, you may apply to defer the payments of your mortgage loan subject to certain conditions. Beyond that date, requests for extensions will no longer be granted. Read more...

Measures for consumer credit and personal mortgages

Until 31 March 2021 inclusive, you may, subject to certain conditions, apply for a 3-month deferral of payment (capital and interest) for your instalment loan and/or a 3-month extension of the legal deadline for clearing your cash reserve ("clearing date"). Important: we allow 4 days for processing and your application must be filed no later than 26 March. Read more...

Don’t get conned…

Cybercriminals have also been sitting idle, and since they’re bored, now more than ever, they’re spending their time trying to con you.

Be extra careful with phishing messages! The latest trend in the hacking world consists in getting you to click on a link or attachment where a virus (not “this one”, another one) is lurking. For example, a “heat map” with the current state of propagation of the Covid-19 virus which will block your device when you click on it, thus exposing you to a demand of ransom to unlock it. Some people will actually succeed in tricking you into giving them your data and access codes...

Did you receive a strange message? Did you click? Quickly call the Hello Team and send the suspicious mail to or

We’re there for you

Being an online bank gives us a real advantage since we’re all well used to working remotely: you can reach the Hello Team as usual by phone, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.