What you need to know to get you through this unprecedented situation more serenely

We hope that you are doing well and that the confinement – on top of keeping you safe and healthy – offers you the unique opportunity to study all the things you wanted to learn via online course platforms or that you’ve become the undisputable master in the art of videoconferencing. At Hello bank!, we’re here to answer any question or concerns you may have about your financial situation, thus your peace of mind.

Your banking transactions: online and contactless

With contactless payment, your shopping and deliveries remain safe, for you and for others. You no longer need to slot your card into a terminal or type your code on a pad that everyone’s touched with their grubby fingers before you: just bring your card close to the payment terminal and voilà, you’re done!

You can use different innovative payment methods like Payconiq by Bancontact and its QR code scan or Apple Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, which replace your payment card thanks to your smartphone or connected watch. Simply register your bank card on your connected device and you’re done!

What’s more, all your usual mobile banking services remain accessible via the app (or the website).

Increasing the limit of your contactless payments

Paying without contact is one of the key "barrier gestures" to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, payment terminals adapted to new limits to prevent you touching the keypad when making a purchase. Up to now, you had to enter your credit or debit card’s PIN code for payments over €25. Now, this amount has been increased to €50. The same applies to the following payments where the amount without PIN code goes up from €50 to €100. This temporary measure will remain in force for as long as necessary.

Are you worried about your mortgage repayments?

It’s only natural: the current situation is unprecedented… Lots of jobs are affected, with a significant drop in income. We are all too aware of this and together with the other banks, the National Bank of Belgium and the Minister of Finance we have put in place specific measures. Members who have taken out a Hello mortgage loan and who are facing financial difficulties because of the corona virus can, under certain conditions, request to postpone the reimbursement of their monthly mortgage payments for a maximum of 6 months. Did you take a Hello mortgage loan and are you currently experiencing financial difficulties due to the health crisis? Here you will find all important information about the measures.

Contact the Hello Team: They will assess your situation and help you with your application on the dedicated number: 02 433 43 82.

Don’t take the bait!

Cybercriminals are also super idle at the moment, and more than ever before, they’ll be spending every waking hour trying to ambush you.

Watch out for phishing messages! One of the hottest trends in the hacking world consists in sparking your curiosity to get you to click on a link or attachment containing a virus (not “that one”, another one). For example, you’ll receive a “heat map” indicating the current status of the Covid-19 proliferation. If you click on it, it will block your device and you’ll be asked to pay a ransom to release it. Other hackers will try to confuse you and trick you into giving them your personal data and access codes…

Have you received a suspicious message? Did you click? Contact the Hello Team by forwarding the suspicious e-mail to or

We’re still available

One of the advantages of being an online bank is that we’re used to working remotely: the Hello Team can be reached – as always – by phone, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.