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What's crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the sum of small combined efforts that bring a great project to fruition: yours. Our partner Ulule’s crowdfunding allows you to raise the necessary funds to make your dreams come true. And what’s more, you enjoy the expertise and support of finance professionals!

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Crowdfunding for everyone

And especially for you! Private individuals, self-employed, companies or non-profit organizations, the only requirement to put a project forward is to be 18+.

For large and small projects alike

The actual value of crowdfunding is the idea, not the amount or scale of the project. Ulule is opened to projects starting with a financial objective from €1. Projects can be entrepreneurial, creative or solidarity-based. They should have a collective impact and lead to a concrete achievement.

A reward system

With Ulule, the people financing your project receive a non-financial reward proportional to the amount of their contribution, such as an object or service for instance. But they can also choose not to receive anything in return. Financial backing received through Ulule is considered as a donation or purchase, NOT as an investment. As project leader, you own the full intellectual property of your project and do not give any "share" or "right" to anyone.

Much more than financing

When you launch a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule, your project is seen by a wide audience, enabling you to increase its visibility and try it out. You can then improve your project by taking people’s opinions into consideration and build strong relationships with your contributors. Ultimately, they are your best ambassadors… in addition to funding your dream.

Personalised coaching

Submitting your project on Ulule is not enough. You must also shed the best light on it, promote it, activate your networks... In a word, you’ve still got lots of work to do. But don’t worry, you’re never alone. A coach is there by your side to guide you through your journey.

Only pay once you get the funds…

You don’t have to spend a penny to prepare and launch your campaign, or to enjoy the personalised advice and support of your coach. Ulule will only charge a commission fee once your project reaches its financial objective. The objective is not attained? You don't pay a fee.

How does it work?

Step 1
Submit your project on Ulule
Describe your project, financial objective, the rewards you’re prepared to offer on the dedicated form and submit it to Ulule. They’ll make sure that it complies with the rules and regulations of the platform.
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Step 2
Let Ulule guide you
Once your project has been approved, you’ll get free coaching to develop your crowdfunding campaign page.
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Step 3
Launch your crowdfunding campaign
Your campaign is now launched on Ulule. It’s your turn to steer it actively to reach your financial objective!
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Step 4
Get your financing
Did you reach your financial objective? Congratulations! You’ll now receive the funds collected, minus the Ulule commission fee. All you have to do now is to give out the rewards to your contributors and complete your project! What if your financial objective was not reached? Your contributors are reimbursed and you don’t pay any commission fee.
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In a changing world, let’s work together to bring some amazing projects to life.


VI.BE is all about supporting artists and their entourage in Flanders & Brussels. In doing so, VI.BE is a partner to all actors in the music industry (managers, booking agents, venues, festivals, promotors, labels & others).

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