What’s itsme?

Arrivederci card reader. Your services are no longer needed to log on to the Hello bank! website and in the app. Thanks to itsme, you’ll only need your smartphone and a 5-digit code to log in and make your payments safely. And because it’s free of charge, what do we say? Thanks itsme!


1 If you have become a Hello bank! customer online and you have not become a BNP Paribas Fortis customer in a branch, then you’ll need an extra step to activate itsme. You’d best contact our Hello team.


Your ultra secure digital identity


Ultra secure because you’ll need 3 identity factors: your smartphone, SIM card and personal code. Missing one? itsme won’t work.

itsme is brought to you by Belgian Mobile ID. The name probably doesn’t ring a bell, but it’s nothing less than a consortium made up of the country’s largest banks and mobile network operators.

So you see, you can’t get much safer than itsme.2


2 The itsme services are provided by Belgian Mobile ID and offered by Hello bank!, the mobile trademark of BNP Paribas Fortis (partner of BMID), subject to approval of your application. For more information about the itsme services, please consult the itsme website.


Log in and pay… simply and safely

Once you’ve enabled itsme with Hello bank!, simply connect to Hello bank!’s site and the app via itsme. Open the app and check that all the data is correct. Then type in your personal code on your smartphone. An identify confirmation appears on your screen and you’re off! Hello bank! is assured that it’s you and displays your account balance. Just like always. Now it’s your turn to make and validate your transactions using itsme. You can even add new beneficiaries easy without your card reader!

And what’s more, your digital identity gives you access to all itsme partner sites. Nice!


How do I activate itsme?

Want to know more about the different steps to activate itsme? You’ll find it in our FAQ.