Hello bank!’s services: with the app and online


In a word, what is it?

App hello bank

An all-in solution to help you keep an eye on your accounts and make your everyday transactions online with the Hello bank! app or via Hello bank! web.

These solutions are all free, safe, easy-to-use and available 24/7.

Hello bank! app

Completing your transactions via the Hello bank! app

  • download the app via Google Play or the App Store.
  • login with your debit card, customer number (printed on your card) and card reader.
  • the Easy Banking Code makes your life simpler by upholding a maximum security level during the authentication and validation processes of your transactions. A 5-digits code for everything... That’s easy!
  • do you prefer using fingerprint or facial recognition identification for simple connections, such as checking your balance before going in the red for a little black dress or partying like there’s no tomorrow? Once your code is created, you decide!

Check out our FAQs for questions related to the Hello bank! app.!

Hello bank! web

Completing your transactions with your computer or laptop:

  • open hellobank.be and click on "login”.
  • login with your debit card, customer number (printed on your card) and card reader.
  • once you’re in your personal space, you’ll have access to your banking accounts and solutions.
  • on Hello bank! web, use your card reader to login or make your transactions. You can also use itsme to make all your transactions safely using your smartphone, SIM card and personal code. With this tool, you can say goodbye, cheerio, arrivederci to your card reader once and for all. itsme is managed by Belgian Mobile ID, a consortium that gathers the largest Belgian banks and mobile network operators. Result: the network used to access itsme is fully secure**. In a word, solid!


Download itsme

**Itsme services are provided by Belgian Mobile ID and offered by Hello bank!, the mobile brand of BNP Paribas Fortis (partner of BMID), subject to the acceptance of your request. For more information on the itsme services, visit the itsme site

Check out our FAQs for questions related to Hello bank! web.


What support for which operations?

Here’s a recap of the most-common operations:

Hello bank! app Hello bank! web
Request a new product (current account, credit card*, insurance policy…)
Consult the balance of your account(s) and check your account statements
Complete and manage your national transfers (including Zoomit), direct debits and standing orders
Visualise the current and savings accounts that you hold in another bank (aggregation of accounts)
Apple Pay
Help & Support

And here is a detailed table

*subject to the acceptance of your request


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