Outstanding balance insurance

In brief, what is it?

The outstanding balance insurance is a policy that – in the event of your death – covers the risks linked to the mortgage loan you took out in order to purchase your property (we do, of course, hope that this never happens to you). The policy also entitles you to a reduced interest rate when you apply for a Hello mortgage loan.

Peace of mind! With this insurance policy, forget the worst case scenario and enjoy home sweet home to the fullest!

  • Customised insurance
  • Online application: simple and quick with no appointment required
  • A fixed monthly premium for 2/3 of the term of the mortgage loan
  • Insurance by AG Insurance

An insurance that provides peace of mind

That covers the full or partial mortgage loan amount in the event of death (100% if you purchase the property alone, 75% for a couple) in exchange for various premiums.
The outstanding balance insurance, a form of term life insurance under Belgian law, is an insurance contract with cover for an agreed period. This is an insurance product offered on behalf of AG Insurance by Hello bank!, the mobile brand of BNP Paribas Fortis.

What are the principal risks covered by the policy?

  • The outstanding balance insurance is a term life insurance with reducing insured capital. This insurance policy guarantees the payment of an agreed fixed 'death benefit' if the insured dies prior to the end date of the policy. The insured capital reduces over the term of the contract in accordance with the criteria set out in your contract.
  • In principle, the outstanding balance insurance is linked to a (mortgage) loan, since the insurance payment pays back the amount outstanding on the loan, either in part or in full, if the insured dies prematurely. So the insured amount decreases in step with the outstanding amount of the loan (repayment plan).
  • Regardless of the country in which it occurs, the death of the insured must fall within the scope of the General Terms and Conditions of this insurance policy.

What are the principle risks not covered by the policy? 

The following are always excluded:

  • The insured dies as the result of an intentional act or due to an action deliberately undertaken by a beneficiary of the insurance.
  • The insured dies as the result of suicide within one year from the start date of the contract.
  • The insured dies in Belgium as the result of an act of (civil) war.

The above lists are not exhaustive. The exact scope of the guarantees are set out in the General Terms and Conditions of this product.

Applying online the easy way

Would you like to find out how much this policy will cost? Rendez-vous on Hello home! for a simulation or to request a quote.
Rely on us! You answer some questions and ask us yours, either online or by phone, and without having to go anywhere.

How do you take out a Hello loan protection insurance policy?

The outstanding balance insurance is linked through this website to a residence purchased using a Hello mortgage, the mortgage loan from Hello bank!. Are you planning to buy? Are you thinking about becoming a home-owner? Rendez-vous on Hello home!

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