The Hello Prepaid card

In brief, what is it?

Depending on how you will use it, you have two choices.

• With the virtual version, you can make online purchases only.
• With the physical version, you can make online and in-store purchases as well as withdrawals from cash distributors in Belgium and abroad.

  • You place the desired amount on the card (minimum of €50 per top-up, up to the card limit of €5,000).
  • Online, in shops, or at the ATM, you use it as you wish.
  • It’s the perfect way to control impulse shopping.
  • It offers maximum security: it’s not linked to the current account and is protected by a pin code.
  • Manage your Prepaid card with our app: check your balance or check your transaction history and top up your card easily. 


Understand it all at a glance

Hello Bank card Hello Credit card Physical Hello Prepaid card Virtual Hello Prepaid card
Pay online * *
Pay abroad **
Withdrawals in Belgium
Withdrawals abroad **
Deferred repayments
Amount available defined in advance by you
Link with the Android Pay app to pay without card or cash
More info
More info

Warning: certain transaction costs may apply. For more information, consult our list of fees.

* You can ask the Hello team to disable this option.
** Contact the Hello team for use outside of Europe.

Two types of cards

The Hello Prepaid card is a prepaid MasterCard card that you choose in its virtual version (€15 for 2 years) for payments online only,
or a physical version (€25 for 2 years, free if you subscribe to the Hello4You offer and are under 28 years old) for purchases in stores or online,
and for cash withdrawals at ATMs (up to €625 per day depending on the balance available).

It works in Belgium and abroad.

It’s made for…

• Those who don’t yet have professional income and cannot benefit from the Hello Credit card.
• Those who want to move and travel with a super secure method of payment in their pocket.
• Those who want to keep their budget under control and avoid spending more than planned.
• Those who want to make purchases online but are afraid of using their bankcard or Hello Credit card.

Manage your Hello Prepaid card

How do I order my Hello Prepaid card?

To apply, go to the "Add product" screen in the app Hello bank! and select the Hello Prepaid card.

 You can also call the Hello Team at 02 433 41 45 (Monday to Friday 7am to 10pm and Saturday from 9am to 5pm).

This card is only available for Hello bank! customers.

Not a customer yet? Click on "Join Hello" to register in less than 4 minutes!

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