Keeping online banking safe together

Your online security

Secure online and mobile banking? At Hello bank! we are working very hard to ensure online and mobile banking is safe. Online security is an absolute priority for us. We help you to protect your banking transactions as well as possible.


Useful tips and information

Keep your device up to date

Is there an update available for your mobile device or computer operating system (iOS, Android, Windows)? Install it immediately. That way you have access to the latest features, and your device is even better protected thanks to the latest anti-virus updates.

Mobile data or Wi-Fi?

Free Wi-Fi in the supermarket or train station: too good to be true? You should always rely on a secure internet connection for all banking. Do you really want unwanted 'guests' to follow your every move? Are you unsure about the security of the available Wi-Fi, but do you urgently want to check something online? Use your mobile data for your own safety in that case.

Your smartphone is a gold mine

Your smartphone is always with you and contains a wealth of information: photos, messages, accounts, etc. Make sure that all this information is securely stored by protecting your device with an access code, your fingerprint, or facial recognition.

Did you add your friend’s fingerprint or face to your device? Bear in mind that he or she also has access to all applications to which you log in in this way.

Secure banking with the app

Do you not use our app yet?

Download the app for iOS and Android from the official app stores. This ensures that your banking transactions are secure.

How does our card reader work?

  • Press
    to log in.
  • Press
    to sign a transaction or contract digitally (e.g., when you sign up for a new service).
  • Press
    to correct a mistake.
  • Press
    to confirm the values you entered.
  • Press
    to check the battery level. If you only have 5% battery left, call the Hello Team to request a new card reader.


Your online security, our concern

Secure online banking with these useful tips

  • Never share confidential information
    The bank or any official body (police, government or public service) will never ask you to provide your PIN, CVV code, itsme code, M1 or M2 signature, and/or your Easy Banking code verbally or by message.
  • Do you have your doubts? End your session immediately or just hang up
    Are you asked for an additional M2 signature or confirmation via itsme? Do you need to download software that allows someone to take over your computer? Or do you suspect that the software is not working as it should? Call the Hello Team on + 32 2 433 41 45 (Monday through Friday from 7 am until 10 pm and Saturdays from 9 am until 5 pm).
  • Never reply to a suspicious message using the phone number or e-mail address in the message
    Search for the contact details of your bank (or the service in question) online instead.
  • Don't make your codes and passwords (too) predictable
    The longer and more unusual your password, the harder it will be to crack!
    Some tips:

    • Mix capital letters with lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters
    • Choose a password that is long enough. Use a sentence or a non-existent word for example.
    • Do not use anything that can be linked to you (your birthday, the name of a family member, etc.).
    • Avoid using adjacent keys. A password like 'azerty' or '12345' is very easy to crack.
    • Try using a different password for each website or app. This prevents a malicious actor from having access to everything if they have your password.
  • Pay attention to what you share online
    Don't make it too easy for malicious actors to use your personal information and send you a personalised phishing message.
  • Protect your bank cards
    You can easily adjust the settings of your bank cards in the Hello bank! app for additional protection. You can set limits for each bank card, activate or deactivate options for online payments, contactless payments and/or payments outside Europe, for example. Want to know how? You can find all the info in this article!

Are you a victim of phishing or fraud?

Did you receive a suspicious message with the Hello bank! or BNP Paribas Fortis logo? Please do not reply to the message and do not click on the link! Forward the e-mail, a screenshot of the SMS, etc. to

Are you worried that you shared confidential information?

  • Check your most recent transactions for unusual or suspicious transactions.
  • Call the Hello Team on + 32 2 433 41 45 (Monday through Friday from 7 am until 10 pm and Saturdays from 9 am until 5 pm).
  • Outside the opening hours of the Hello Team, you can call +32 2 433 43 75 (only if you suspect you are the victim of fraud).
  • Call Card Stop immediately on 078 170 170 to block all your bank cards or block your debit card(s) through the Hello bank! app. If you are calling from outside Belgium, please dial +32 78 170 170.
  • Make a statement to the police within 24 hours and send a copy of your hearing sheet to the Hello Team.
  • Check on which devices you have installed your bank app through Easy Banking Web (Settings > Access to our apps) or in the Hello bank! app (Settings > Security > Devices with our apps). Delete any devices that seem suspicious or that you don't know.



Further information?

What exactly is phishing, how do you recognise it, and what can you do to protect yourself against it? Click here for more information.