The Hello bank! app, more and more features every day


A free, handy banking app for the daily management of all your banking!

What are the benefits of the Hello bank! app?

  • 24/7 availability at your fingertips and real autonomy.
  • Contactless payments and refunds, no card reader required.
  • Instant management of your debit or credit card parameters.
  • Unique tools such as Easy Cashback or Budget Analysis.
  • Secure login with your Easy Banking personal code, fingerprint, or Face ID.

How to activate the Hello bank! App?

  1. Download the Hello bank! App.
  2. Activate the app by logging in and following the instructions.
  3. Log in to take full advantage of all the features securely.

During the activation process, you can also activate FaceID or TouchID for more convenience.


Handy, useful, and available 24/7: the app’s features make your daily life easier

The Hello bank! app allows you to take care of all your banking transactions... and much more!


  • Manage your debit and credit cards yourself: change your temporary limits, (de)activate payments outside Europe, block and replace your debit card… .
  • Budget analysis: monitor your income and expenses, set personalised spending limits... to meet your budget or savings targets.
  • Easy Cashback: get cash back when you use your Bancontact – Visa Debit card for payments with Hello bank! Partners.
  • Bancontact for easy online payments, online, in shops and to friends, but also for receiving payments from friends and family.

The Hello app for daily use + Easy Banking Web on your computer = autonomy!

The Hello bank! app is your everyday companion. Always available, on your smartphone and/or tablet, so you can keep an eye on your accounts and take care of your daily banking transactions.

Besides the app, you can also log on to a computer for more “occasional" transactions. Just go to Easy Banking Web.

App or web? Overview of features

Daily transactions
The Hello bank! app Easy Banking Web
Payment and savings accounts: account consultation, history, and statements

Payment accounts: real-time balance

Credit card: review your expenses

Instant money transfer

Payment by QR code (Bancontact)

Budget analysis

Occasional transactions
The Hello bank! app
Easy Banking Web
Manage your card settings

Standing orders: consultation and management

Ordres permanents : création, consultation et gestion

Contact details: update (everything except your address)

Identity details: update

International money transfer, outside the SEPA zone

Easy Banking Phone Code (a secure access code to contact the Hello Team by phone: activation and changing your code)

And here is a detailed table (in French)

Regular updates for even more features

Update August:

  • View the amount spent with your Visa Hello credit card for the current period on the home screen by adding it to your favorites.
  • Manage which devices use the Hello bank! app via the “Settings” tab and then select the “Security” option. View and block your connected devices if necessary.

Update June:

  • Retrieve or unlock your PIN code via the “Cards” option in the “My services” menu. Simply choose the debit card in question to resolve these problems immediately and independently!

Update May:

  • Use your digital debit card via the "Cards" option in the "My Services" tab. No need to have your physical debit card to pay in-store and online. Convenient in case of forgetting or replacing your debit card.


The Hello bank! app, available with the free payment account

The Hello bank! app is included in Hello bank!'s free all-in payment account, as is:

  • A Bancontact - Visa Debit card for each (joint) holder, for secure contact and contactless payments, worldwide and even online
  • The Hello Team of experts is on hand to provide support if you need it

Open a free payment account