The Hello credit card

In brief, what is it?

An international Visa Classic goes with secure online shopping, in shops, and cash withdrawals at ATMs across the world. Even better: a free deferred repayment.

Just what you need to buy yourself that electrical bike without having to wait for your next salary.

  • A Hello credit card accepted everywhere in the world.
  • A free deferred repayment of amounts spent that can go up to several weeks.
  • A spending limit to stay reasonable.
  • All that for just €2.25 per month (or €27 per year)*

*If you subscribe to the Hello4You offer, then it’s free the first year and then it’s 50% off until you turn 28.


Understand it all at a glance

Hello bank card Hello credit card Physical Hello prepaid card Virtual Hello prepaid card
Pay online * *
Pay abroad *
Withdrawals in Belgium
Withdrawals abroad *
Deferred repayments
Amount available defined in advance by you
Link with the Google Pay app to pay without card or cash
More info
More info
More info

Warning: certain transaction costs may apply. For more information, consult our list of fees.

* You can disable this option via the Hello bank! app or by asking the Hello team.

Pay and withdraw cash everywhere safely

With the Hello credit card, a monthly amount of €2.500 is available if your request is approved.
Subject to acceptance of your application.

You use your card on holidays and in Belgium to withdraw money at ATMs (up to € 600 every 4 days) or to make online purchases safely. If you prefer, you can disable the "online payments" and "use abroad" options anytime via the Hello bank! app or by asking the Hello team.

No interest on debit, no transaction fee for payments and the possibility to enjoy a free deferred repayment and advantageous exchange rate.

Once a month, the amount spent is automatically deducted from your Hello current account.

Unlike our outfits, which don’t last long, the Hello credit card is renewable every 3 years

How do I apply for my Hello credit card?

You simply need to apply using the app Hello bank! through the "Add products" screen.

You can also call the Hello team at 02 433 41 45.

This card is however only available for Hello bank! customers, subject to approval of your application.
Not a customer yet? Click on "Join Hello" to register in less than 4 minutes!

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Lost, stolen? Don’t panic. Call the Card Stop service immediately on +32 (0) 70/344 344 to avoid any abuse. Card Stop is available 24/7. You’ll need to notify the loss or theft to the police within 24hrs, then contact your Hello team who will ensure your card is replaced (+32 (0) 2/433 41 45).