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Hello bank! uses cookies on the website(s) to improve your online experience. They make sure the website functions properly and collect statistical data. By using cookies, Hello bank! is able to adapt the content and/or the publicities shown on the Hello bank! websites to your personal needs and preferences. Among other functionalities, cookies facilitate the log-on process.

By not accepting cookies, you prevent Hello bank! from optimising your experience on our website. Some parts of the websites will also not function ideally. By accepting cookies, you give consent for the use of cookies as specified in this cookie policy. If you consent to the usage of cookies on one of the websites of Hello bank!, this consent will also be valid on all other websites of Hello bank!. That way, you do not have to re-select your cookie preferences every time. Should you wish to, you can always change your cookie preferences. These changes will then also be valid on all other websites of Hello bank!.

All details regarding cookies used on Hello bank! domains can be found in this cookie policy. This policy also explains how these cookies are used to improve your experience. We wish you a pleasant reading and surfing experience. 

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files stored by your web browser when you use websites. You can control how websites use cookies by configuring your browser's privacy settings (please refer to your browser's help function to learn more about cookie controls). 

Note that if you disable cookies entirely, Hello bank! websites may not function properly.

Hello bank! and the companies that help us run our business use cookies in several ways, such as:

  • Authenticating and identifying you on our websites so we can provide you the services you requested
  • Keeping track of information you have provided to us — for example, remembering information you provided whenever you fill in a form
  • Remembering your preferences or where you left off in your use of the Hello bank! website
  • Measuring your use of Hello bank! websites so that we can improve them, tailor our websites to your likely interests 
  • Understanding your likely interests so we can provide you more relevant Hello bank! ads and content on non-Hello bank! websites and in non-Hello bank! apps

Cookies on this website

We have divided the cookies into three main categories depending on their purposes:

1. Functional cookies (cannot be adjusted)

These cookies are necessary for the connection with the website to be correct and efficient, and to ensure a safe online environment. Functional cookies collect anonymous data about how the site is used and which pages are important. This is used to improve the general ease of use of the website.






BNP SiteFactory

BNP SiteFactory is the platform that delivers content and services to the customers


This cookie stores the basic settings of the user: language, brand, edition (last category visited; e.g. private/retail banking)

7 years


Cookie to prevent Cross Site Reference Forgery and to prevent calls made from other origin.



This Cookie is added by sitefactory and used for accessing the website, without this cookie website will not work. This cookie stores no user information. The cookie makes the framework of the site work.

1 year


Technical cookie that contains a fixed value and is required by the framework. This cookie stores no user information, it makes the framework of the site work.



The first 2 caracters of the distributorId are the distributionChannelId (49 for Mobile, 52 for Web). The next two characters represent the brand ('FB' for Fortis Bank, 'KN' for Fintro) and the last three characters the application (001 for EasyBanking, 002 for Hello Bank! application). This cookie is the ID of the website and is used to differentiate between the websites of the different brands.



Cookie used to track if the cookie disclaimer message is shown to user or not. If the visitor is a first-time visitor, this cookie makes sure the banner is shown. In the new tool, the lifetime will be 6 months, so after 6 months he will see the info/banner again.

6 months


Cookie used to track if the cookie disclaimer message is shown to user or not. If the visitor is a first-time visitor, this cookie makes sure the banner is shown. The cookie life time is six months: after six months of inactivity or after an update of the cookie policy, the visitor will see the information/banner again.


180 days


This is a technical session cookie. It is used to divert the website visits to different machines in the back-end. Not all visitors go on the same server. If a server crashes, the visit can be reverted another server. This cookie identifies which user lands on which server. It ensures equal distribution of the visitors to the servers and ensures the stability of the performance.



This cookie is used to differentiate the private banking and wealth customers and to display the private banking content to unauthenticated wealth customers. At this moment the site does not differentiate by default between private and wealth. Once the user logs in, and is wealth a wealth customer, he will see the wealth content. This is for privacy purposes of wealth clients: if someone uses the computer of a wealth client, then he will not see it is a wealth client unless he is logged in. This cookie is placed in context of privacy by design: even if authenticated, the cookie is needed, because front-end wont take the data from back-end.

1 year


Cookie used for session management



This is a security cookie set by the Firewall as a unique identifier.



This cookie creates a global session number, so it is a cookie for session management (session ID, random number to session). If someone accesses, this session has a number. This cookie is placed for communication reasons between client - website - server. This is not for logging in.



Cookie to remember the customer preference of segment.

1 year


Technical cookie used during the Login process. When a user started logging in, the logid maintains the log-in session, so the site knows that the user has logged in already. As soon as the user logged in, logid will be removed. This cookie is maintained during the phases of the log-in procedure.



This cookie is used to save clients logon profiles, it is only placed when the customer wants to save this profile. Customer profile cannot be derived directly from the cookie, only of the value when being used on the site.

12 years


This is a load balancing cookie. BNP Paribas Fortis has mutliple server parcs to garantuee availability of the site, as you can only be logged in one of them at the time we keep a cookie to sent the user to the best suited location.



Technical cookie used for the download of PDF and CSV files. The cookie is read by the JavaScript code to know whether or not the file was downloaded correctly.



This cookie enables the user to set his preference for the decimal separator in CSV file exports containing transactions (point or comma)

Until cookies are deleted

Adobe Analytics

Adobe analytics is used to provide (anonymous - when opted out) aggregated statistics on navigation. This allows the bank to monitor performance of the website and improve it accordingly.


This cookie is set and read by the JavaScript code when the ClickMap functionality and the Activity Map functionality are enabled; it contains information about the previous link that was clicked by the user. It is used for reporting on website visits (how many times was website visited) , to create a "track" of the path. We do not know who visited (anonymous cookie), but we do know the path of the visit.



This cookie is set and read by the JavaScript code to determine if cookies are enabled (simply set to "True"). This cookie is a session cookie and expires when the browser is closed. If we do not have this cookie, we cannot do performance analysis on the website (what was visited and what not).



Cookie used for gathering statistics (where did a person click, where did he scroll to,…) of the website usage. These statistics are kept anonymous.

1 year


Record the portion of a page (0-100%) that the user views and passes the value into a variable on the next page view.



Cookie used for gathering statistics of the website usage. These statistics are kept anonymous



This provides a native method to get accurate and detailed timing statistics for loading events e.g. when page or functionality is loaded.



Custom Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager Cookie.



Cookie used to remember the value of a unique identifier of the transaction taking place when doing an enrolment.



This cookie is used to remember the language in which the content is displayed.



This cookie is used to remember the unique identifier of a "godfather" user in the Hello bank "Member get member" process.



This cookie is used to remember the unique identifier of a "godson" user in the Hello bank "Member get member" process.



This cookie is used to remember the Hello Connect ID of a user when he logs in on one of the Hello Bank platforms.



This cookie is used to remember which of the Hello bank platforms the user has already visited.



This cookie is used to identify a unique visitor, the cookie has the format of s_vi_* depending on the report site used.

2 years


The AMCVS cookie serves as a flag indicating that the session has been initialized. Its value is always `1` and discontinues when the session has ended.



The AMCV cookie contains the Experience Cloud visitor ID or MID. The MID is stored in a key-value pair that follows this syntax, mid|Experience Cloud ID.
To know more about about the privacy policy of the Adobe Experience Cloud or to opt-out please visit

2 years


This cookie is used to identify a unique visitor if the standards_vicookie is unavailable due to third-party cookie restrictions.

2 years


2. Comfortcookies (adjustable)

Comfort cookies store your personal preferences. This means that the information you receive and the offers that appear on the Hello bank! websites are relevant and match your areas of interest. They are used to make your web experience as user-friendly as possible. If you accept these cookies, you will not need to re-enter your user name.








Clicktale is used for analysis regarding the experience on the website. It allows the bank to understand customer behaviour on the website and improve it accordingly.


This cookie is used to anonymously identify a visitor of the Website for the purpose of enabling the ClickTale software to track such visitor’s actions across the client’s website.

1 year


This cookie is used to count the number of pageviews or visits of the anonymous visitor for the purpose of enabling the ClickTale software to track the number of pageviews or visits a visitor made on the client’s website.

1 year


This cookie contains information to identify the visitor and his action for the ClickTale Experience Cloud.



This cookie is used to indicate whether a user is being recorded and by what reason (Random, Enhanced, Forced, ETR)

1 year


Usabilla campaigns allows you to actively ask visitors for feedback. It allows the bank to use slide-out or full page messagesto prompt feedback, run surveys on our web pages, or redirect users elsewhere/recruit them for external surveys.


This cookie will be used to track whether users are new or returning visitors and to then show the campaign to the right users.


Adobe Target

Adobe Target is a tool used to personalise content seen on the website.


Adobe Target uses cookies to give website operators the ability to test which online content and offers are more relevant to visitors.

3. Commercial cookies (adjustable)

By accepting commercial cookies, the contents of Hello bank! advertisements are personalised and aligned to your interests. This will happen on other sites and also on your social media. These cookies – placed by Hello bank! and third parties – are there for commercial and social media purposes.



Third party partner

Details/Opt-out links


BlueKai (Oracle)

BNP Paribas Fortis and Hello Bank! use Bluekai to optimize media advertising efficiency & facilitate personalization of the websites and mobile applications. Bluekai is the industry's leading cloud-based big data platform that facilitates companies to personalize online, offline and mobile marketing campaigns with richer and more actionable information about targeted audiences.


Sets the Bluekai Unique User ID. This ID can be used to personalize the user’s experience across the domains of BNP Paribas Fortis. Additionally, data from other organizations associated with this cookie can be used to further optimize the user’s experience.

90 days


Placements (tag management)


This cookie is used as a timestamp of last logging event.


This cookie is used for orders management.


Exchange wins


SDT ID transfers


This is the main checksum cookie.


This cookie is used to exchange tags.


This cookie remembers which datacenter is used to store the data of the respective user. This way, the closest datacenter can be used, which improves website performance.


If this cookie is set to active, the user is opted in to the Bluekai tool.


If this cookie is set to active, the user is opted out of the Bluekai tool. This cookie overrides BKAllow.


This cookie stores the offline file updates into the profile.


This cookie is the identifier of the JSON tag for Site Side Optimization (SSO).

Google Campaign Manager

Google may contact you with their advertising material. Their advertising content will be tailored to your interests on the basis of your browsing behaviour and the pages you have consulted. The cookies are also used to measure the impact of the bank’s advertising campaigns on this site. The bank doesn’t collect any financial or personal data by means of these cookies. Our third party partner may show you ads if you have visited our website. Those ads will be tailored to your interests, based on what you do online and the sites you visit. To improve our marketing content, this cookie may therefore send data to our third party parner. You can find more information about our third party partners' advertising policy and how to block the collection of your data on their respective pages.


180 days


180 days


30 days


390 days


180 days


180 days


90 days


180 days


180 days


180 days


180 days

Responsible for the cookies

The website owner, and responsible for treatment of personal data obtained by the cookies, is:

BNP Paribas Fortis SA/NV 
Montagne du Parc 3 
B-1000 Brussels

For more information on BNP Paribas Fortis SA/NV as the responsible party for the processing of the personal data, you will find more detailed information in our privacy notice.

Your rights as a visitor on our website(s)

You can manage your cookies in the cookie tool. In this tool, you can manage your consent for the different categories.

Additionally, as a visitor and subject of the data retained by these cookies, you have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority (