Measures for consumer credit and personal mortgages


The following measures apply to consumer credit if, as a private customer, you are facing financial difficulties because of the coronavirus crisis.


3-months deferral of payment (capital and interests) for your instalment credit

The products concerned are: Instalment credits (Personal loan, Car of bicycle loan, Renovation loan, Energy loan…), Long-term loan, Secured Home Loan.

3-month extension of the legal delay to clear your cash reserve (the “clearing date” )

As long as this is done within a specific period of time (ask the Hello Team for more information). The products in question are: Direct reserve, Rondo, Optiline, Overdraft facility.

You must meet the following legal conditions to qualify

  • You – or a member of your family – are suffering from a loss of earnings because of the coronavirus crisis (proof required).
  • The loan for which you are requesting deferral of payment must have been signed before 1 May 2020, is not in arrears as at 1 January 2021, and is not recorded with unpaid arrears at the Central Individual Credit Register of the National Bank of Belgium at the time of application.
  • The monthly instalment of the said loan is higher than 50€ in capital and interest.
  • The total duration of your various requests for deferral may not exceed 9 months.
  • The total of your movable assets in current accounts, savings accounts and all investment portfolios with a number of different banks must not exceed €25,000.

Proof of the drop of income

You must enclose documents justifying the drop in your income with your application for deferral. These documents include :

  • unemployment benefit declaration;
  • medical certificate;
  • application relating to transitional measures;
  • a declaration on your honour stating that your income has dropped

Application for deferral of payment or extension of the “clearing date”

Do you fulfil the conditions? You can apply until 31 March 2021 included. Important: we allow 4 days for processing and your application must be filed no later than 26 March.

We recommend that you should apply by phone. Contact the Hello Team on: 02 433 43 82 and they will assess your situation and will help you to take the necessary steps. All applications will be subject to review and acceptance by the bank.

Due to the current circumstances, we receive a high number of applications. We have reinforced our teams to answer all applications as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Do you have a job loss insurance? If you do, please contact your insurer and ask for compensation in the event of a loss of income.