Desktop or laptop Banking


Available on all devices.
Optimized for larger screens.
Download our app if you dispose of a PC with Windows 10.

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Your accounts at your command

Dedicated to your everyday operations so that you can constantly keep an eye on your accounts and access your money.

Yesterday, today and even tomorrow!

In the blink of an eye, check your account history, follow up transactions and anticipate your payments.

Easy Save: spend and save money in one go!

An effortless way to save money? A dream come true! With Easy Save, round up your bank card payments and money transfers and save up lots of little pennies into your savings account. All those small amounts can make a beautiful sum in the end.

Check your banks statements wherever you are

Not sure that you’ve paid the right amount? Don’t worry. Connect to the site and get the answer. Instantly.

Zoomit included

Practical application Zoomit sends you a reminder for your bills and prepares the payment. What’s the magic word? “Thank you Zoomit!”

Easy payments, where and when you want

Shop online, pay your bills… At home on your laptop, at your desk on your desktop, or on the bus with your tablet.

Manage your payments in one click

You can schedule everything to make your life easier: domiciliation, standing orders, priority beneficiaries...


Connect to your all-terrain bank in just one click.
Not optimized for smaller screens