Pay wih Garmin Pay

What's Garmin Pay?

There’s a new feature on your Garmin watch! On top of all the services it provides every day, it's now a contactless payment tool.
This practical, easy and safe device now allows you to go out for a run without wallet or phone. Light and easy! What's more, the solution is compatible with your debit card and/or your credit card!


Paying with Garmin Pay

Link your payment card to the Garmin Connect payment app and buy anything that you need simply and safely with your smartwatch! Your watch applies the same daily limit as your linked card.

Where can I pay with Garmin Pay?

In any shop, boutique or place where contactless payment is available. Keep your eyes opened for the symbol wireless pay logo on the payment terminal and shop safely and easily.

How do I pay with Garmin Pay in shops?

Three steps and you’re done:

1. Unlock your smartwatch and select your debit or credit card in your Garmin watch wallet.
2. Move your wrist and hold your Garmin smartwatch to the payment terminal.
3. Once your payment is made, a confirmation will be displayed on the screen of your watch and the terminal.


Easy, quick and secure

Your payment information must be secure, that's our number one priority.

Garmin Pay uses tokenisation - an ultra-modern, cutting edge data protection technology devised to protect your data at each purchase. Your card number isn’t stored or shared. To guarantee maximum safety, your Garmin watch PIN code must be entered every 24 hours and each time you remove or put your watch back on your wrist.

garmin and wireless pay logos


Available with the free payment account

These innovative payment systems are all included in Hello bank!’s payment accounts. Genuinely all-in and completely free of charge.

I open my free payment account


  • Up to 2 free debit cards.
  • You can check your balance and transactions via the Hello bank! app. 
  • The Hello Team is on hand to help when you need it.