Pay with Google Pay

What's Google Pay?

It's a quick, safe and simple way to pay, using your Android mobile phone.
Ideal to pay for your purchases in a shop or online, everywhere in the world.


How do I use Google Pay?

Add your Hello credit card and/or your debit cards to Google Pay and you're set.
Pay using your Android smartphone as soon as you see the contactless payment symbol.

For amounts under €25:
Activate your smartphone, bring it close to the terminal and bingo! You've paid!

For amounts equal or over €25:
Unlock your smartphone, bring it close to the terminal and bingo! You've paid!


Advantages of paying with Google Pay

android phone
  • Super easy

    You always keep your smartphone close. Since Google Pay allows you to digitalise all your credit cards and  debit cards, you'll no longer have to rummage through your wallet before paying: choose the card with which you want to pay, place your smartphone near the terminal and it's done!
  • Always free

    Google Pay won't cost you a cent. Nada. And even if you look really close, you won't find any additional costs.
  • Truly available everywhere

    Keep your eyes peeled and watch the contactless payment symbol appear all around you. Here and abroad when you're travelling.
  • Highly secure

    Google Pay uses a virtual account number and never shares your real card number. Moreover, your smartphone's pin code will be requested for higher amounts. That's maximum security for you!

What must you do before using Google Pay?

Google Pay is available on every Android device from 5.0+ (Lollipop) equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) and a wifi/mobile connection.




How do I configure Google Pay?

  • Download the app in the Google Play Store
  • Download your Hello credit card and/or your debit cards. It's like taking a photograph of your card(s).
  • Authentify your cards via text message, telephone or your Hello bank! app.