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Creative, open, responsible, organized. I love the simple pleasures of everyday life. "Why can’t we" by Asa sums me up in 3 minutes and 42 seconds



Problem solver is my middle name. Allergic to chaos: I love to have clear goals in life! Wanna see me go crazy? Put on “Walk” by Foo Fighters.



Social animal and sports freak. Keep the challenges coming: both during and outside office hours! My answer to tricky situations: chill. I’m not easily fazed.



François the Swiss Army knife, that’s me. Yes, yes! Travel, cinema, music, video games, I’ve got multiple passions! 



Pianist. Extrovert. Bragger. And what if we just simply enjoyed life?



Work hard: nothing but the best service for my customers. Play hard: I’m  the spontaneous chatterbox among my friends. Enjoy life: doing what I love the most and savouring every moment!



Creative brain, out-of-the-box thinker and heroic working mom. Always willing to discover new bands, but my all-time favourites remain Iggy Pop and Jake Bugg.



My CV? Athletic, dancer and sociable! Have you ever tried Cuban salsa? ;-) 



Active and sporty, I swap stress for fitness. Family, friends and optimism: I am addicted to all three! Determined, "I believe I can fly." And I really believe it!



Hedonist and office joker. A day without a smile is a day wasted. Love-hate relationship with deadlines. You’ll rarely see my without my iPhone in my pocket.



Undisputed master of speculoos tiramisu. Basketball player for over 25 years. A few words to describe a character: cheerful, attentive, perfectionist and smiling.



Social addict. Can’t do without a smartphone, GPS and camera. Stay cool when things get stressful.  Send me on a treasure hunt with geocoach you’ll see a happy Vicky!



Beating me in Age of Empires and Super Smash Brothers Brawl? Try me!  Lazy Sundays with my girlfriend = a dream. Start talking about robotics, biological discoveries or space travel and I’m all ears.

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