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Hello prepaid card

  • Why doesn't my card work anymore?

    The prepaid card disappeared from our range on 17 November 2020, and your card has been deactivated.
    Your balance will be refunded at the end of November: the money on your prepaid card will be refunded to the account that was linked to the card.
    If you are entitled to a reimbursement of the cost of the card, you will receive this in early December.

Contactless payments with a card

  • What does contactless mean?
    All newly issued bankcards are equipped with the NFC technology (Near Field Communication). This means that your card and the payment terminal can communicate remotely. You no longer need to insert your card into the payment terminal. You will recognise NFC cards and terminals with this logo: logo-wirelesspay
  • How can I be sure that the amount won't be deducted twice from my account?
    Once your payment is done, a sound signal and flashing light confirm that everything is OK and the payment terminal is deactivated. Even if your bankcard is near the payment terminal, the amount can no longer be debited a second time.
  • Is contactless payment really secure?
    Thanks to a secure NFC chip, contactless payments use the same secure network used by traditional bankcards. Every payment generates a unique code that cannot be reused. To make contactless payments, your debit card must be a few centimetres away from the payment terminal.

    For more guarantees, the payment without PIN code is limited to €25. Once you have added up small purchases up to a total amount of €50, you have to insert your debit card into the payment terminal and must enter your PIN code. You can then resume your contactless purchases.