Digital Protect

  • Which devices does Digital Protect cover?
    The list is long...
    • Laptop: notebook computer, ultra portable computer, tablet computer, pen tablet, net-book…
    • Hand-held device: PDA, mp3/mp4 players, portable game console, portable GPS receiver, Dictaphone, pocket photo printer and electronic book.
    • Image & Video: digital camera, digital camcorder, portable video projector and portable DVD reader without digital television reception.
    • Mobile phone and smartphone as well as any device used for telephone communication without having to be linked to a telephone system. The telephone must be equipped with a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card for which a number reserved for mobile telephone services was attributed."
  • How do I make a claim with Digital Protect?
    Are you in Belgium? Make the claim within 48h and call the insurer on +32 (0)800 25 244 (the number can be accessed free of charge from Mondays to Fridays from 8:30 to 17:00).
    Are you abroad? Send an email to

    This information is always on hand in the “Contact us” tab in the Hello bank! app.

    The email that you send must include the following:
    • The name of the insured person and contract number if possible;
    • The type of claim: external damage or theft; 
    • A description of the affected insured device (brand, model, price and date of purchase); 
    • Date of return to Belgium.

    The insurer will then send you the various documents via email. You will then have to fill-in and sign the attached supporting documents.

    In the event of theft abroad or in Belgium, a report drawn up by local police authorities must also be sent.

Top Habitation Home Insurance Policy

  • My home was subject to damages. What can I do?
    Call! Teleclaims is a very 24/7 efficient service that will manage your case from A to Z. Just call free toll number +32 (0)800 960 50 in Belgium or +32 (0)2 664 99 00 from abroad.
  • Is a housing (fire) insurance mandatory?
    Not always, but sometimes. For example, upon the purchase or rental of a home. When you rent an apartment, the building is often covered by the landlord’s insurance policy. In that case, it’s important to have your own liability coverage for the building and to insure the contents of your home. It’s especially important to check that you are not under-insured to avoid any bad surprise at the settlement of the claim.
  • Which types of proof and documents are requested to get reimbursed in the event of a damage or theft of goods or objects?
    It’s important to demonstrate the value of the stolen or damaged goods or objects after a break-in or in the case of material damages for example. Keep the proof of purchase of the things you value (ask for an invoice, a certificate, a ticket, even if these are presents that were given to you). It might sound a bit daring and rude, but it’s essential. Take some photos too. This will not only enable the insurer to define the value of objects in the event of damage or theft, but will also allow to check that you are sufficiently insured to cover your belongings.

Outstanding balance insurance

  • What happens if I forget to pay the monthly premium of my outstanding balance insurance?
    First of all, you receive a payment reminder. No problem if you respond and pay immediately. However, if you don’t pay, your insurance cover will be decreased. Concretely: as soon as the previously paid premiums are no longer enough to cover the risk of death, you are no longer insured. The outstanding balance of the housing loan will have to be reimbursed by your partner, inheritors or the person with whom you took out the mortgage.
  • For which loans can I take an outstanding balance insurance?
    Only for housing credits or instalment loans. The payment protection insurance is used to reimburse the whole or part of the loans if you die.
  • Who must take out an outstanding balance insurance? My partner or I?
    The payment protection insurance must be taken out by each of the persons taking out a housing loan, i.e., one insurance contract per borrower.