Mobile banking

Hello bank! app

  • How do I activate the Hello bank! app?
    Once you’ve subscribed to Hello bank!’s free offer and during your first login, you will be asked to sign your contract using your card reader (signature M2). 
  • How do I login for the first time in the Hello bank! app?
    1. Download the app in the App store or in Google Play.
    2. Open the app and press "Sign up".
    3. Enter your customer and card number.
    4. Confirm with an M2 signature, for which you need your card and a card reader.
    5. Enter your telephone number and click "Receive an SMS". You will receive an activation code that you have to enter.
    6. Next you can choose your Easy Banking code of 5 digits and confirm it again.
    7. You will now be asked whether you want to activate fingerprint login or  face recognition. This is optional.
    8. Finally confirm with your Easy Banking code of 5 digits.
  • How do I login in the Hello bank! application?
    > Either by using your Easy Banking Code.
    > Or by using your digital signature or facial recognition if these features are available on your smartphone.

  • Is my smartphone compatible with itsme?
    No problemo using itsme as long as your phone is an Android (4.2 and up) or Apple (iOS 9.0 and up).
  • Can anyone use itsme?
    As long as you’re 18 or above, hold a valid eID (electronic ID CARD) and own a Belgium SIM card and mobile phone, you can create an itsme digital identity.
  • How do I activate itsme?
    1. Download the itsme app in the App store or Google Play
    2. Type in your mobile phone number
    3. Select Hello bank! as the bank with which you’ll share your identity data. You will be redirected to the secure environment of Hello bank!
    4. Login with your card reader (one last time!) and bank card to create your new digital identity
    5. You will receive a SMS with a verification code that you will have to introduce into the app
    6. Choose your 5-digit itsme secret code. If you want, you can also activate you fingerprint recognition or Face ID.
    7. Go to the Hello bank! website:
      1. Connect to 'My Accounts’ and select ‘Log in with itsme’
      2. From now on you can do all your transactions and add beneficiaries with itsme. There’s no need for your card reader anymore!
    8. Activate itsme in the Hello bank! app:
      1. Go to ‘More > Parameters’ in the menu of the Hello bank! app
      2. Select ‘itsme'
      3. Activate the option ‘Use itsme’

    Bye bye card reader! :-)

Google Pay

Aggregating accounts

  • What does aggregating accounts mean?
    Add one or several current or savings account from another bank (KBC, Belfius and ING) for which you are the sole and only holder to the list of accounts available in the Hello bank! app and on the Hello bank! website. You can easily consult the current balance, latest transactions and other information relative to their use. You enjoy an overview of your spending and income on all the accounts accessible in the Hello bank! app and on the entire Hello bank! website.

    For each new account added, you use the signature means provided by the bank where your accounts are held (card reader and card of this bank and associated PIN code).

    The data that we will collect will serve no other purpose than to access our services. 
    You may add or delete these accounts from the Hello bank! app at any time.
  • Can I aggregate all my accounts?
    Yes, you can add to the Hello bank! App and the Hello bank! Website as many accounts from other banks as you like.

    However, this service is only available for personal banking accounts for which you are the sole holder.
  • How can I remove one of my aggregated accounts from the Hello bank! App or Hello bank! website?
    1. In "More".
    2. Click on "Settings".
    3. Click on “Accounts in other banks”.
    4. Click on the account you wish to remove.
    5. Click on "Delete account".
    6. Your selected account has been removed.

Fitbit Pay

  • Is Fitbit Pay a secure service?

    Fitbit Pay includes various security features. Fitbit Pay uses an industry-standard password encryption platform to guarantee that the information on your bank card is never shared with retailers or with Fitbit. Fitbit Pay also requires you to use a personal 4-digits PIN code for additional protection.

  • Which Fitbit devices are compatible with Fitbit Pay?

    Fitbit Pay works with Fitbit Ionic and all versions of Fitbit Charge 3 and Fitbit Versa containing a NFC chip.

    To check that your Fitbit device is compatible with Fitbit Pay:

    • Fitbit Versa: flip your watch over and look for “Fitbit Pay” in the text around the heart rate sensor.
    • Fitbit Charge 3: remove the lower part and look for “Fitbit Pay” printed on the end of the smartwatch.
  • Where can I find the list of transactions completed with Fitbit Pay?

    You can see the last 3 transactions made with Fitbit Pay in the Wallet section of the Fitbit application. To check your last transactions in the Fitbit application:

    1. Open the Fitbit application and click on the Account icon.
    2. Click on the image of your smartwatch and choose Wallet.
    3. Select the card you added to your device, then scroll down to display the 3 latest transactions.

    For previous transactions, consult the history of transactions made using the linked accounts via Hello bank! web or the Hello bank! app.

    Careful: debit transactions are done with Maestro. It can take a few days before transactions made with your Fitbit device appear in the Hello bank! app or Hello bank! web overview. The effective payment confirmation always appears on the payment terminal itself.

Garmin Pay

  • How do I block my entire Garmin Pay wallet?
    1. Open the Garmin Connect application, open the menu and go to Garmin devices.
    2. Select your watch and choose the Garmin Pay option.
    3. Choose Manage your wallet.
    4. Select Delete wallet.
      Your Garmin Pay wallet and all related card information will be deleted. You can no longer complete payments with your Garmin device unless you create a new wallet and add a card.
  • Are contactless payments with Garmin Pay secure?

    Garmin Pay uses several security applications.

    1. Tokenisation: your card’s data is never displayed or shared with retailers or with Garmin.
    2. You must enter your PIN code on your smartwatch to complete a payment.
  • Do I need to enter a PIN code to make a payment?

    When you configure Garmin Pay, you are invited to set up a personal 4-digits PIN code. This way, you can pay securely.

    Enter your PIN code to confirm a payment. Consecutive payments can be confirmed without a PIN code. You must enter this code every day (every 24 ours) or whenever you put your smartwatch back on.