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Hello bank! app

  • How do I activate the Hello bank! app?
    Once you’ve subscribed to Hello bank!’s free offer and during your first login, you will be asked to sign your contract using your card reader (signature M2).
  • How do I login for the first time in the Hello bank! app?
    Follow these steps:
    1. Once you’re on Hello bank!’s app identification screen, simply enter your card number and client number that are on the Hello card. You can therefore keep this data. You will no longer be asked to enter this data when you next use the Hello bank! app.
    2. To identify, slide your card in the reader and press M1.
    3. On the identification screen, you will see an 8-digit code (the Challenge). Enter this code on your card reader and press OK.
    4. Enter your bankcard’s PIN code and press OK.
    5. The electronic signature (8 digits) appears on your card reader’s screen. Enter this signature on the identification screen and click “confirm”.
    Your device is now registered. From now on, connect using your password that you provided in the Hello bank! application contract.
    Careful: you must repeat this registration procedure for each device you want to use with the Hello bank! application.
  • How do I login in the Hello bank! application?

    > Either by using your password.
    > Or using your digital signature Or facial recognition if these features are available on your smartphone.
    > Or via itsme

  • Is my smartphone compatible with itsme?
    No problemo using itsme as long as your phone is an Android (4.2 and up) or Apple (iOS 9.0 and up).
  • Can anyone use itsme?
    As long as you’re 18 or above, hold a valid eID (electronic ID CARD) and own a Belgium SIM card and mobile phone, you can create an itsme digital identity.
  • How do I activate itsme?
    1. Download the itsme app in the App store or Google Play
    2. Type in your mobile phone number
    3. Select Hello bank! as the bank with which you’ll share your identity data. You will be redirected to the secure environment of Hello bank!
    4. Login with your card reader (one last time!) and bank card to create your new digital identity
    5. You will receive a SMS with a verification code that you will have to introduce into the app
    6. Choose your 5-digit itsme secret code. If you want, you can also activate you fingerprint recognition or Face ID.
    7. Go to the Hello bank! website:
      1. Connect to 'My Accounts’ and select ‘Log in with itsme’
      2. From now on you can do all your transactions and add beneficiaries with itsme. There’s no need for your card reader anymore!
    8. Activate itsme in the Hello bank! app:
      1. Go to ‘More > Parameters’ in the menu of the Hello bank! app
      2. Select ‘itsme'
      3. Activate the option ‘Use itsme’

    Bye bye card reader! :-)

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